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This is my first attempt at blogging and my vision is that this will serve as an ongoing information and communication resource for all LABBB staff, Parents and Students.   I will invite others to write articles, share resources and participate in opening the world of LABBB.  As a collaborative this will be especially useful because our educational programs and Worksites are located in many different districts.  In fact, our staff are working in 12 buildings and over 15 worksites. Technology is the way of the future and we must use it to our fullest potential.  This has been a goal that I have been trying to implement.  Our world is changing and using on-line tools and services for productivity and knowledge will most definitely be a best practice in the future.

Our organization has used little in the way of technology and my plan is to change that.  I remember purchasing our first on-line IEP program about four years ago and I thought this was one of the most significant advances that we have made at that time.  We were confident that this would make writing I.E.P’s significantly easier to manage. How did we write IEP’s before?  What about progress reports?  I am sure many of you remember the archaic computer based programs we all used.  We need to continue to promote tools that will make our paperwork more organized and user friendly.

As of September 2008 we finally have staff e-mails via FirstClass.  Furthermore, we are currently being trained to implement a student database called IMG that will handle all students, staff and Health information.  We anticipate that this will be fully functioning in September 2009.

If we are going to teach our students how to function in the world in the next 5 to 10 years, we must utilize the current technology that will be necessary to get along.  Whether we use on-line banking, Linux, Google, Cloud, Staroffice or any of the applications that are free or at a significantly lower cost, we can not ignore the impact they will have on our world.

I will be contacting all the LABBB classrooms and worksite to put up blog.  If you are interested in putting something up on the blog, feel free to contact me about this.  I am looking for creative ideas.

Using Technology is fun, and can enhance communication.  Enjoy our LABBB Blog!


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