Program Highlight: “Career Directions Program” at Minuteman Regional High School, Lexington

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LABBB Collaborative, in partnership with Minuteman Regional Vocational High School, is pleased to announce an exciting new program, Career Directions, providing vocational and academic opportunities for students of the Collaborative.

This new Collaborative program has just been launched and is designed to provide quality vocational training and academic instruction based on the interests and skills of our students. Students will complete an exploratory phase where they experience a multitude of shops/laboratories. After that, students will develop vocational skills in an area of their choosing. Our students are thrilled to be able to experience a hands-on educational program at one of the premier Vocational High Schools in the state

Career Directions, located at Minuteman High School in Lexington, functions cooperatively with other LABBB programs located at Minuteman. The staff of Career Directions and LABBB Vocational Training Program welcome you to our blog.

Pictured L to R: Brian Walsh, Teacher; Ken Moeller, Assistant;  Steve Thompson, Teacher; Dianne Costello, Program Coordinator; Brenda Wells, Assistant.

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