The LABBB Photography Club

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The LABBB Photography club was a vision of Theresa Leblanc,Vocational counselor, and Betsy Kidder, Occupational Therapist in the LABBB Collaborative.  For those of you who have attended the LABBB photography club exhibits you have experienced a new feature of our program that is very unique!

Three years ago Theresa and Betsy Kidder, LABBB Occupational therapist, offered their first photography course for students in the LABBB Program.  This has been a project that has received a significant amount of recognition and the student photographs have been on display at Wilsons Farms, Lexington High School, and Citibank.  Furthermore, Hewlett Packard has also contacted the club to inquire about donating digital camera’s, a school committee member  has been interested in having the students work displayed in the community and the photography club has had articles in the Lexington Minuteman, Boston Globe and the Council for Exceptional Children on-line magazine.

The photography clubs “unveiling” exhibits have been exciting events.  This is an evening event where the students photographs are shown to the public. The attendees have included: current LABBB students, family, family friends and relatives, LABBB staff , building staff among many others.

Below are some links if you would like to look at more pictures that have been taken by the students.  They are remarkable pieces of work.  Not only have we been impressed by the students ability to create these works of art, but it has also been a positive social experience for all our students.

"Unveiling" Exhibit, December 5, 2008
"Resting Rusted Bikes"


Betsy Kidder, LABBB O.T. and Kathleen T.

"Four Bouyant Boats"

"Leaning Steeple"


To view more pictures and articles about the LABBB photography club, please visit the sites below.

  • Link to the LABBB Photographers Website:

  • Link to Boston Globe Article

  • The Boston Globe article was also featured in the Council on Exceptional Children C.E.C. online magazine and was called, “Young Artists use Photography to view the World.”  The link is below.  Go to the section on Eye on Exceptionalities.



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