LABBB Team Meeting Workshop

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On January 30, LABBB Collaborative held a “Team Meeting Workshop” for LABBB administrative staff and administrative staff who work in the LABBB districts to work on developing an I.E.P. protocol for Team meetings.  The goal of this workshop was to discuss facilitation models, laws and regulations under I.D.E.A.  and best practices that will promote more efficient and productive I.E.P. meetings.

Sally Smith, the LABBB/EDCO/CASE special education professional development coordinator, facilitated this meeting.  Sally was the former Special Education Director in Belmont.

All participants who attended this meeting have a significant amount of expertise chairing I.E.P. meetings, therefore, the discussions was very interactive.  Furthermore, this was also a learning opportunity because of the in depth knowledge of special education that the group has and we appreciated all the comments and suggestions that were offered.

A Team meeting protocol document will be created that will outline all components of a Team meeting.  The objective is for all staff to understand the expectations of the I.E.P. process and increase communication among all team members. Training for staff who attend I.E.P. meetings will also be conducted when the final protocol is completed.


“Team Meeting Workshop” participants included:

Sally Smith,  Special Education Professional Development Coordinator

Ken Kramer, Belmont, Director of Special Education

Tom Riley, LABBB, Life Skills and Admissions Coordinator

Jon Pike, LABBB, Program Director

Nicole McDonald, Burlington, Out of Distict Liaison

Jimmy Kelly, LABBB, Program Director

Nancy Campbell, Arlington, Out of District Liaison

Joe Brescia, LABBB, Program Coordinator

Sandy Goldstein, LABBB, Program Director

Barbara Fortier, Lexington, Out of District Liaison

Sarah Orlov, Bedford, Assistant Special Education Director

Mary Jane Weinstein, Belmont, Assistant Special Education Director

Dianne Costello, LABBB, Program Coordinator

Karen Conway, LABBB Vocational Coordinator

Patric Barbieri, LABBB, Executive Director


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