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The book, Getting Things Done, by David Allen is a masterpiece that I just needed to share with you.  This has transformed my thinking about actions.    Learning and practicing the concepts of action based thinking changed my view of how I was evaluating my efficiency in my work.   This was a true paradigm shift from typical organization books, do lists, and daily planners.

I am sharing this book because if put to use, although it will take time, may have a significant impact on stress reduction and personal organization.  We live in a world where information is coming at us faster and the need to respond seems to be adding to our stress.  How do we compartmentalize all this?  How do we process it?  If you don’t know, then this book may be of use to you.

Cover Image
The contents of this book takes practice and commitment, but if  you want to try something new regarding organization..try it just might help.

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