Staff vs. Student’s Basketball Game

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The score says it all, LABBB Students 86,  Staff 82.  It was a close game but the students pulled it out in the end last night in the annual Student vs. Staff basketball game.  As always, both teams played hard and the students just came away with the win.  The staff,  led by Coach Tom Brincklow, will need to do some thinking in the next year because the staff have not won a game in 10 years.  Mr. Brincklow was clearly disappointed, nevertheless, he will be back with a new strategy for the next year.   Coach for the students, Mike DiCenso, on the other hand was very please with the students performance.  Congratulations to all the students!

As always this event was a big success.  Paula Rizzo has been organizing this event for many years and each year it runs smoothly.   The event raised approximately $1000.00 and will be used to subsidize student recreational activities.  Thank you to all the other LABBB staff who helped out during the event, we could not of done it without all your help.

The turnout was amazing and parents, family and friends filled the stands.  I have to say one of the highlights of the evening was when the audio did not work to play our national anthem.  The parents, staff and students in the gym realized it was not going to play and all at once everyone started singing the national anthem.  It was a great way to start the game.

basketball2 basketball

basketball staff team basketball 3


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