Program Highlight: John Glenn Middle School, Bedford

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We’ve had a great year at the JGMS LABBB Program. Students have been participating in a variety of different things. We have worked hard and included some fun activities.

This Fall we went to Smolak Farm in Andover.  We learned about the history of the farm and went apple picking. As part of our cooking class we made apple crisp in the classroom. The students enjoyed making and eating it!

As a class, we are part of an ongoing project within John Glenn Middle School.  We are reading a given number of books suggested by the librarian. Students will participate in a Comprehension Challenge in which they could win an ice-cream social at the end of the year.

As part of our unit on the Revolutionary War, we visited the Heritage Museum in Lexington. We saw the exhibition “Sowing the Seeds of Liberty” and experienced what life was like in New England during that time period.

The entire John Glen Middle School took part in “A Day of Respect” in November. This included presentations on character building, group activities and discussions.

December was an extremely busy month. We saw the Nutcracker ballet and completed a unit on Winter Traditions.  A number of parents came into the classroom as “Guest Chefs” to cook and teach the students about some of their family traditions. We compiled a recipe book to share with our LABBB classroom families. In addition, we were very proud to participate in a charity fundraiser for families in hardship. Students participated by doing additional chores around the house as well as giving up snack money to help this cause. We proudly raised over a $160!! With this money we were able to purchase many toys for a four-year old boy. We also attended an assembly where all of the fundraisers donated their gifts and then attended a holiday concert at Waltham High School.

We look forward to many more enriching activities during the last half of the year!

Teachers: Katrina Grey and Melissa Allen

Class Description for JGMS – LABBB

This substantially separate middle school classroom (grades 5-8) is currently comprised of a diverse group of students with varying abilities which include: developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorders and emotional disorders. The classroom focuses on a combination of traditional and functional academics. Students are provided access to the general curriculum modified at their current level of functioning in a multiple modality format at a modified pace and structure. Students also learn test taking strategies and stress management/coping skills in preparation to take the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System testing. We incorporate executive functioning strategies such as organization, time management, meta-cognitive and self-monitoring skills throughout our day. Functional academics include the skills necessary for students to access their environment as independently as possible. This is addressed through simulated activities within the classroom, as well as community experiences to promote generalization. All specialists (speech therapist, occupational therapist, counselor, physical therapist) are integrated throughout the day, in addition to their own scheduled classes throughout the week. Some students attend regular education classes with support provided within the LABBB classroom.


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