Brain Frames Workshop

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On Friday, May 14, LABBB Collaborative hosted a Brain Frame Workshop with Dr. Bonnie Singer.  Dr. Singer is the President/CEO of Architects for Learning.  She is also the co-developer of the EmPOWER method for writing.   The LABBB staff were fortunate to have such a high level of expertise teaching these skills in a small group seminar.  The workshop was very informative and two more follow up workshops for Brain Frames will be held in the Fall for LABBB staff.


Brain Frames are a collection of six visual-spatial displays of language and thought.  They represent (graphically) fundamental patterns that underlie, listening, speaking, reading, writing, thinking and problem solving.  Literally, they allow Teachers and Students to “Frame” what is in their minds within a visual pattern.  This allows them to store their ideas on paper so they can decide what they want to convey.   Student choice of Brain Frame is dictated by what they are setting out to do:  tell about something, compare and/or contrast two ideas, convey a sequence of events, show relationships and connections, consider causes and/or effects of an event, or categorize information.  Each of these “purposes” has a unique organizing framework that can be displayed graphically.

Bonnie Singer 003
Dr. Bonnie Singer

Bonnie Singer 001
LABBB staff at Brain Frame Workshop

Bonnie Singer 004
Staff observing "Brain Frames" completed by participants


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