LABBB Special Olympics 2009

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On Wednesday, May 20th, LABBB held it’s fifth annual Special Olympics event in Lexington.  This was a great day; the weather was sunny in the mid-80’s, perfect for all of the participants, volunteers, parents and community to enjoy.   We had 158 LABBB student’s who participated in the Olympics, competing in Track and field events such as the 100 meter dash, softball throw, long jump, among many others.

The opening ceremonies was led by the Lexington Police motorcycle and the military guards, followed by a parade of LABBB students grouped by their classrooms.  As the participants passed the stands, packed full of spectators ,they were greeted by a loud applause as Natalie Cohen, Lexington High School Principal, announced each of the student classrooms.

Natalie Cohen, Lexington High School Principal, was the Master of Ceremonies.  She was a eloquent speaker who addressed the crowd with enthusiasm and passion.  Not only has the special olympics gained the attention of the Lexington High School staff, students, but also the Lexington community.  The games began as a Lexington Police officer and a LABBB student jogged with the olympic torch.  With both the officer and LABBB student holding the olympic torch they lit the cauldron and a roar of applause came from all the spectators and participants.

The LABBB Collaborative has programs from early childhood through high school with classrooms located in Lexington, Arlington, Burlington, Bedford and Belmont.  The Special Olympics had 200 volunteers from Lexington and Bedford High School assisting all the LABBB students.  These high school students worked with student’s who have multihandicapps, Autism, development delays, and other disabilities.  Without their commitment we could not have run an event with this many students.  We want to say thank you to every volunteer for their help!

We also need to say a special thank you to Paula Rizzo, LABBB Recreational and inclusion specialist, who did an outstanding job organizing this event.




Special Olympics 002

Special Olympics 003

Special Olympics 004
Paula Rizzo in action!!!


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