2010 LABBB Collaborative Special Olympics

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Dear Parents and Students:

The LABBB Collaborative Program in conjunction with the Lexington High School is planning the 6th annual Special Olympics, Lexington School Day Games.

The date has been set for May 19, 2010, with a rain date of May 20th. The games will run from 9:00AM, starting with the Opening Ceremonies, to 2:30PM.

The students and staff from Arlington, Lexington, Bedford & Belmont High Schools, John Glenn, Chenery & Ottoson Middle Schools & Career Direction Programs will be joining together for this Special Olympics event at Lexington High School. LHS students from the Best Buddies Program and National Honor Society, the Bedford High Best Buddies program, the Chenery Best Buddies program and the John Glenn PALS program, will be directly involved with the athletes. We also have personnel from the Special Olympics and Best Buddies that will be involved the day of the event. There will be no fee to the LABBB students to participate. If you would like to make a donation or your company would like to make a donation to this event that would be greatly appreciated. (check payable to LABBB) The LABBB athletes will be receiving a tee-shirt for participating, be paired with a student buddy for the day and receive lunch.

The A.P.E. staff would like to see as many of the LABBB students involved as possible. The A.P.E. classes will start to train the students in mid April and A.P.E. staff will be involved at the start and finish lines the day of the Olympics. This event will be during the school day, parents do not have to attend (they are welcome though to come cheer on their athlete).

Students will be able to choose up to do three events to participate in. Below is the list of the events. Please sit with your student and try to come up with at least one event they would like to do (1 field & 2 running would be great). If you don’t know which event they would be best at the A.P.E. staff will be glad to assist with the choice. Please feel free to e-mail aperec@juno.com with any questions.

Field Events: Standing Long Jump and Softball Throw and Turbo Jav

Running/walking Events: 50M Dash, 100M Dash, 200M Dash

25M Walk, 50M Walk, 100M Walk, 400M Walk 400M Run

Attached you will find a sign up sheet with information that needs to be filled in. Obviously some of the information we already know but it will make things easier for our registration process if it is all in one place.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

Paula Rizzo

LABBB Intergration/Rec. Coord.


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