The Asperger Connection: LABBB Middle School to High School

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Meeting the needs of students with Aspergers and providing programming in the least restrictive environment, was LABBB’s vision that started fifteen years ago.  The outcome today is a relationship with Belmont High School which strengthens and allows this vision to grow. Our Belmont High School program educates over twenty-five students, all which benefit from this healthy relationship within the Belmont community.  Integration and mainstreaming are key components for our students and strong support of all Belmont High School Teachers and Administrators have given our students the opportunities for full access for inclusion.

The outcomes for many of the students will be continuing education, and to meet these needs, LABBB has had the expertise and professional development to stay current with new data and best practices.  Our support related services include: Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Counseling, Social work and Career counseling.

Our Team recognizes the challenges of life beyond high school and social pragmatic development is taught in a natural environment both in the Belmont and Belmont High School community. Opportunities for Career exploration and real work in the business workplace are also offered by our program and coordinated by our job developers.

The Connection

When our Belmont program was building success and growing; our vision expanded and we wanted to develop a  Middle School program that would offer students to continue their education in High School without a significant change in our methodology.  If it was successful in High School, we could create this same model in a middle school.  Six years ago, we built a program in Bedford at the John Glenn Middle School.  With the same Teacher and Administrative support this program has now developed to provide quality programming for students with Asperger’s.  The Bedford community provided the same support and inclusion opportunities as our Belmont High Program; therefore, program development was seamless with a model already shaped since 1996.

Most of our students who graduate from our John Glenn Middle School Program move on to our LABBB Belmont High Program.  The connection among LABBB’s Coordinators, Teachers, and Support related services has created an expertise that is cutting edge.  In fact, many Specialists and Teachers have worked in both programs and have developed consistency of our continuum of services.

If you have any questions about LABBB John Glenn Middle School, or Belmont High School contact: Tom Riley, LABBB Admissions Coordinator, 781-861-2400 ext. 1002 or e-mail


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