The Case Against Assistive Technology

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Lindsay Rice shared this video with me.  Take a look it is very good.


3 thoughts on “The Case Against Assistive Technology

    minutemancd said:
    October 17, 2010 at 1:39 am

    Yes, I have a sense (with room to improve) of how to integrate technologies in the classroom lessons, but a few thoughts come to mind:
    1). This clip assumes one resists using technologies yet that is not always the case.
    2). Funding for laptops is limited. Funding for curriculum is limited. I believe the last statistic I saw was that a typical teacher contributes over $1,000 to his/her classroom yearly. Personally and by choice I go well beyond that figure.
    3). But really David Walsh wrote a book where he speaks about self-discipline. He writes, self-discipline is two times the indicator of success than any other factor. Students without this, or who repeatedly resist accepting discipline (and I do not mean punishment) will always be behind the eight ball in terms of tapping into all that school and teachers can offer and do. One offers water daily to the horse. If the horse does not accept/drink the water, one makes note of that. He/she will be r water the next day too. And the next day…so on and so forth. offered.
    4). And finally, literature states, and Dr. Carbone among others support this; they say Curriculum controls behavior. One must first ‘join up’ with student(s), then design and develop a strong curriculum as they lead and inspire. Often, and I’ve witnessed this teachers, go at things thinking they can lead a student(s) without understanding the ‘join up’ first and foremost. And one must be patient with this crucial step.
    5). Technology is a wonderful teaching-learning tool, but there is something more, something real that comes before it and with it.
    Brian Walsh

    Jyllian Shoor said:
    October 27, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    That was really powerful ! Just fantastic
    Thanks Lindsay

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