Office in the Cloud

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Going paperless is not a new concept.  Microfiche has been around a long time and every printing business has some type of digital process where they can copy paper documents to CD’s. Furthermore, most printers and copy machines now have a scanning option that create PDF files.  You can scan a 100 page document in less than a minute and download to your computer.

Operating paperless vs. storing paperless is a big transition.  In the moment we want our old system; print document and store in a file cabinet.  The new system in the future will be scan and save.  This also has an added feature, back up! You have saved it in the cloud.  In the LABBB office we have created three back ups using Microsoft Mesh cloud system.  Many more offices and classrooms will be paperless in the near future.  Why not, it is so much easier, efficient and you can share any folder or file you choose.

In the LABBB Central Office we started going paperless about a year ago. In fact, I would say we are about 80% paperless. We wanted to do this for two main purposes.  It saves time looking for documents, and we have a back up system in place.  The point of going paperless started with the end in mind.  We knew that everyone would be able to access any document from any computer; therefore, it saves time from having to ask someone to get the document or file you want.

How are we doing? At this point I can get most, if not all, documents we need on our cloud system that we use day-to-day.  Many times I have sent people documents that they requested from the “Cloud office” on my Blackberry when I was sitting waiting in the doctor’s office or waiting for a meeting, or on Lake Winnipesaukee looking at the lake. As long as we are able to get an internet connection our office is open! A year ago, if I was at a site and someone asked me for a document I would need to go to my office, ask someone to get the document, and either bring it to the person or fax it.

To go back to print and file with paper would be a step backwards.  Our office is now in the cloud, we don’t have to go to one place to access it, when we want something it comes to us wherever we are.  That is the future.


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