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How many great ideas have you spoke to your colleagues, family and friends about?  It is amazing how many creative, thoughtful and smart concepts I have heard.  Now, when does that idea get implemented? When is the right time to implement?  Did it ever get implemented?

Many factors may hold a person back from pushing an idea forward such as self-confidence, a colleague didn’t agree with their idea, they haven’t develop a strategic plan, or they haven’t thought it out completely; therefore,  your creative idea just dies out.  It never had a chance to get to the first step.

Do not let all the outside influences keep a lid on your ideas.  Talk it out, be reasonable, but implement.  Good ideas spread if implemented, Good ideas that are not implemented, no matter how good they are, don’t.

Sometimes you need be ready… implement….and shape your idea as it develops.  Mistakes will happen, but at least you gave them a chance to be experienced.

Sometimes you just need to be Ready, Fire and then Aim later.


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