Say No to the “R” word: Best Buddies Event

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On Wednesday afternoon the Best Buddies of Lexington High School put on and event called, “Say No to the R Word. Spread the Word to End the Word.  This was an impressive event with a packed auditorium of High School students.

The Best Buddies orchestrated this event all on their own. This is what is so meaningful,  a group of High School Students standing up to confront a misused word that can be destructive even if a person does not mean to say it.   The consequences and impact can run deep for those with disabilities as we heard from the speakers who have special needs.

We applaud the Best Buddies for confronting this and taking this on.  To build awareness is the way to go.  No blame, just education and knowledge in a peaceful manner is the tact and it was done in a powerful way.

The LABBB Collaborative has the Best Buddies Programs in our Lexington high School, Arlington High School, Chenery Middle School and Bedford High School programs.  At the LABBB Special Olympics in May of 2010 the Best Buddies had 400 volunteers working this event! That was amazing.

Paula Rizzo is the Best Buddies facilitator for the LABBB Collaborative and plans to increase the Best Buddy programs in more schools.


One thought on “Say No to the “R” word: Best Buddies Event

    michele barbieri said:
    March 23, 2011 at 10:28 am

    lov the artcle and it was impertive of idea the artcle thanks.michele barbieri

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