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Dear Staff:

I wrote this blog post in November and it got lost in my drafts.

Our vision for curriculum development is to create a site that compiles, organizes and is a database of lessons for staff to modify for their classroom. Why recreate something a Teacher has already done? As staff experiment with web 2.0 technologies it will make it easier to create a curriculum database where we can share our  curriculum.

As we learn what more about what we have as resources this support system of curriculum will make our jobs easier, will stimulate and energize us.  We just need to find how to make it accessible to all classrooms.  One thing for sure is that staff are talking and trying new things.

Keeping an open mind to technology will be the key to our progress and educational best practices for our students. The future of special education curriculum and technology is now.  We need to learn it, embrace it and share it.

It has been great to hear staff initiating ways to share curriculum and technology tools.  We have to create more opportunities to share, but the initiative to investigate and learn what other classrooms in the collaborative are doing is gaining momentum.

I did not finish this post, but I am sharing it with you because we have developed LABBB CurriculumShare and it serves the very purpose described in this post.  We are in the testing phase right now trying to upload documents, videos and podcasts.  We need to keeping moving forward and we will soon be asking you to upload your lessons.


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