LABBB Collaborative Special Olympics 2011

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Late 1970’s to early 1980’s

Back in the late 1970’s the Special Olympics started with about 30 high school athletes, 20 student leader volunteers at it was held inside in the Lexington High School field house. All the Athletes attended the LABBB Collaborative at Lexington High School  The event was attended by a famous sports athletes including: Jerry Remy, Ronny Lee, Bobby Orr, and Dave Cowens.

Special Olympics 003

 Fast forward to 2011

The event is in know in its 5th year after a long hiatus and on Wednesday, May 11 we will have over 200 hundred athletes from elementary, middle and high school, and over 400 hundred student volunteers.  Furthemore, many vendors including Traders Joes will be set up at the Special Olympics site outside on the town of Lexington’s track and field. We don’t have any famous sports stars, but we do have Paula Rizzo, LABBB integration and recreational Coordinator, who is the event Director and the Best Buddies from Lexington, Arlington and  Bedford High School and Best Buddies from the Chenery Middle school in Belmont program.  These schools are part of the LABBB community where LABBB operates programs.

Special Olympics 004

Paula Rizzo, Special Olympics event Director

Come and enjoy the event on Wednesday, May 11.  Opening ceremonies begin at 9:00.


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