LABBB Curriculum Share: A Database for free access to Special Education Lessons, Video’s, Podcasts

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Our curriculum will improve significantly if we start sharing it among our programs.  This is an easier process now given all the web 2.0 tools.  What is web 2.0? Well, to put it simply, it is internet (cloud) applications that allow us to share resources, communicate, develop PLN’s and serves many other purposes to make ourselves more effective by collaborating.

I wrote to staff early in the year, when we were in the planning stages of building a site called LABBB Curriculum Share. It is finished and I have been showing it around to anyone I can. Eventually I will get to everyone. It works, we just need people to use it.

If we want our Teachers to have the best of the best, each of us must share our curriculum.  Our learners, our students deserve it.  We now live in a world where we can share much easier by simply uploading our curriculum so anyone can have free access. It can be documents, video’s, or podcasts.

If you know about the Khan academy, you have insight into a very interesting site that has gained significant attention. If you want to learn something, anything, go to this site and you will find an infinite amount of instruction. Students are now using the Khan academy more and more.  If you have a chance watch the TED video and check out the Khan Academy website.

The Khan academy is great, but we need something specifically for Special Education. LABBB Curriculum Share does it.

If you have lessons you would be interested in uploading please let me know and I will help you.

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