Keeping Pace with Best Practices

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How do we know the lastest fashion designs? When you hear a certain fashion or type of clothing is “in style,” where did that come from? Who made that decision, and where did you hear this?  If we wanted to we probably could find out very easy. We could start by Googling, “2011 clothing design trends.”  I am sure many resources including links to websites, blogs, and video’s will come up and we can watch, read and learn.  We will also find people to follow who may be experts or enthusiasts and we start to learn the history of past, current and future trends. If you have a special interest in this subject you can even start your own blog  to connect with others in the industry. Maybe you have something to share, or an opinon and you can comment on blogs.

How does a professional get their knowledge of best practices in education? Well, we use the same mechanism and we get connected. Start reading what educators are doing and where the world of education is going? We share, write, go to an edcamp, start a PLN and use every web 2.0 tool available to get into the game.  If you stay within your small school community you will be stagnant.  Find a group of educators who are sharing their resources.  You will find cutting edge practices before you know it.

We find best practices by sharing our practices.


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