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Dear LABBB Community:

We wanted to update you on some initiatives happening in LABBB. 

For the past year and a half we have have been working on a model for re-structuring LABBB from the input we have received over many years.  Our mission is to make communication easier.  LABBB’s structure needs to change to meet the demands of the districts and we have chose to move to a developmental structure. This is a more simplified structure that will give us the adaptability and expertise at each level. We have been implementing this structure for that past four months so many of you have experienced the changes.  It will not impact you in any significant way, and our goal was to make these changes as seamless as possible. 
In this model we will have one Program Director for each developmental level. This will make communication easier when you have a student enrolled in a LABBB program or are considering a student referral to LABBB.

LABBB Pre-School and Elementary Programs: Sandy Goldstein, Program Director

LABBB Middle School Programs: Sherry Krause-Mazza, Program Director

LABBB High School Programs: James Kelly, Program Director

*Please see attached Draft of LABBB Organizational Chart.

1. Burlington High School: LABBB will have two new classrooms at Burlington High School beginning this September.  We are very excited about this opportunity and we want to thank the Burlington High School Administration and staff for making this an easy and very supportive transition.  We are expanding our Belmont High School Program as we needed more space to accommodate our students and the space at Burlington High School is great.  We are also excited about being part of a high school community that is moving to a 1:1 school; this is a very innovative practice in Massachusetts and LABBB will also give devices to all students. We want to access the on-line curriculum that is being develop for students at BHS and our students will also benefit from this initiative.
2. LABBB Memorial Elementary School in Burlington will be moving into their new building beginning in September.

3. LABBB Wellington Elementary School in Belmont will be moving into their new building (hopefully) beginning in September.

4. Assistive Technology: A “Big Rock” initiative for LABBB is assistive technology. Last year we developed a LABBB AT team and we have been connecting and learning with staff in your districts. This will continue to be a major focus of the 2011-2012 school year. The LABBB AT team is gaining momentum and we are going to make sure this is a priority in all our programs. We also wanted to remind you that we have an AT consultant, Jen Buxton, who can consult or do AT evals. Please contact Lindsay Rice, LABBB Assistant Program Director, if you need consultation or an AT eval. 781-861-2400 ext. 1006 or at

5. BCBA:  If you need ABA services please contact Lisa Gurdin. We have developed and expanded our Home services team by adding a BCBA and we are prepared to assist our member districts. Lisa has been instrumental in organizing and structuring our family support services and she can be reached directly at 617-835-0352 or

6. LABBB Summer Extension Program (LSEP): This 12 month extension program started last summer as a pilot program and we served approximately 10 students during the three weeks in August.  This year we have approximately 25 students who will attending and some districts are still considering sending students.  This program was very successful last year and we received great feedback.

7. 1:1 initiative.  In many of our programs we are going to be supplying netbooks for our students as we integrate these tools into our curriculum. We need to make sure that our students are using these devices to be successful in meeting their future goals whether they will be working or considering continuing education. Technology is moving very fast and these are essential skills that must be integrated into our curriculum. 

LABBB purchased many ipads last year and we have been using them more extensively in our programs.  We have connected with many of the district staff who are evaluating ipad applications and the resources that have been shared has really been helpful. This will be an ongoing process and we really want to continue to participate in the sharing of applications and purchase more ipads for our students. 

8. Transition Assessments: LABBB is taking the next step in putting together a comprehensive transition assessment battery. Annmarie Linehan, LABBB Vocational Counselor, ordered the following “Master” Transition assessments. Annmarie has a significant amount of experience in vocational testing and will learn how to administer each of the tests of this comprehensive inventory and we will plan to assess students using these quality tools.  



  • McCarron Dial    Complete System                
  • McCarron Dial    Perceptual Memory Tasks kit                     
  • McCarron Dial    PMT Computer Report                                           
  • McCarron Dial    (SSSQ) Street Survival Skills Questionnaire kit    
  • McCarron Dial     SSSQ Computer Report                                      
  • McCarron Dial     (ITAPP) Individualized Trait Analysis for Program Planning   
  • Transition Planning Inventory      Complete kit                        
  • Work Readiness Inventory (WRI) 
  • Checklist of Adaptive Living Skills  (CALS)  Manual           
  • School Social Skills (S3) Assessment     


Our goal in LABBB is to continue to promote best practices in special education and meet our districts needs! We are making some changes and these changes are needed to continue our quality programming.

Please call me if you have any questions.  

Have a great summer. 


2 thoughts on “LABBB News

    Ruthie Liberman said:
    August 9, 2011 at 11:58 pm

    thanks for letting us know about the blog. It provides useful info. Will the AT be available at BIP? Can families borrow the IPADs to try at home?

      Patric Barbieri responded:
      August 10, 2011 at 12:55 am

      Yes, AT will be available at all LABBB locations. The first year the AT team was really trying to access how we would integrate into all our environments. We have a representative from each program that is on the AT team. We now have a better understanding of what we need to make AT accessible for all students this has been an exciting “One LABBB” initiative. Regarding the iPads, we are still learning about them, as is everyone else in the special education community. The overwhelming amount of applications that are being developed is great, but we have to learn which apps are beneficial and which ones are not. The iPADS are not a panacea for learning or communication, but they do have the potential to be a valuable tool for many students.. My recommendation would be to speak with Janet Sullivan about the iPAD she is on the AT team and if you would like to borrow one she could talk to you about it.


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