A Journey Through Change

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On Thursday, March 8, LABBB held its “One LABBB” professional day, focused on a theme called, “A Journey Through Change.” This is the one time a year when all LABBB staff get together and it is an amazing experience.  This includes all program staff who instruct students from ages 3-22 (pre-school through High School). LABBB has classrooms located in five districts and we have students who start at the young age of 3 in our pre-school programs and many students go through our continuum of education services, when they finally graduate as an adult at age 22.  We also have over 15 worksites where students have the opportunity to work in businesses and LABBB staff are out in the companies every day supporting our students. The One LABBB professional day connection is important as we have many staff that collectively have a huge impact on a students development from a child to an adult.

The professional day began with an assembly at the historic Cary Hall in Lexington.  What a spectacular building that is rich in character and has a wonderful ambience to get together with colleagues.  We are fortunate to have this opportunity as staff listened to the future of the LABBB Collaborative and new goals that are being set in motion.  I was really looking forward to speaking to our committed and dedicated staff to clearly outline our direction and discuss the new opportunities and challenges ahead. It was paramount that we all left the assembly knowing clearly what goals we were going to put into action to expand our services and programs.  The journey we are on is exciting.

Jay Vogt, a highly regarded facilitator, consultant and expert on change in organizations, also addressed the staff on professional day .  His words were very inspirational and he sparked our thinking of how we need to navigate through change.

LABBB has been in existence for almost 40 years and we have been changing and evolving to meet the needs of the districts. LABBB has been the leaders in developing programs for students with special needs and we recognize and know that education services are also changing and we want to be ahead of these changes. In the past year we have been re-structuring our programs and this has added more value to the services that LABBB offers.

For the remainder of the day staff attended small workshops taught by LABBB staff and district staff.  Most of the workshops were focused on technology use in the classroom, but we also had many great workshops such as ABA, difficult conversations, sensory integration, social pragmatics and Yoga for students with special needs.

It was a very successful and meaningful day.  We want to thank all the presenters who shared their knowledge and expertise.  It was a day where we all were connecting, learning and being inspired.


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