LABBB Staff Receive Awards from SEPAC in Belmont

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On Wednesday evening in Belmont, the Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC), held an awards ceremony and LABBB staff were recognized for their excellent work in the classroom and  for the transportation services LABBB offers.   Let me give you a little background on our staff.

Stacey Graham, Teacher at our Memorial PreK-5 program in Burlington, has been with LABBB for many years and she is a passionate teacher who has always been a dedicated to her students. I spoke to one of Stacey’s coordinators who says, “she  is a sincere, dedicated teacher who has a strong knowledge of child development and a wonderful sense of humor. She is a great thinker and always sees things from a different angle and she offers her ideas in a collaborative, sensitive way.”  Colleen Stevens, Speech Therapist, who is also a part of the LABBB Memorial team earned an award for her speech therapy work with our students and classroom assistant Shawna Iacoviello who currently works with Stacey in her classroom was also was given an award. Great Teamwork at LABBB Memorial!

The LABBB John Glenn Middle School Team including: Katrina Wright, Teacher, Melissa Allen, Teachers, Krissy Shannon, Occupational Therapist, Antigone McHugh, Speech Therapist, Bernie LeClerc, Counselor and Mark Sexton, Assistant Teacher, all received awards for their quality work with students in the classroom.  We are proud to have them recognized individually, and as a team, for this accomplishment.  LABBB JGMS has demonstrated and modeled how blending academics and technology in the classroom can enhance the curriculum and methodology.  For more information on their lessons, use of technology, and “Flipping the Classroom” activities, please click here to visit their blog:  LABBB John Glenn Middle School Blog

from right to left: Melissa Allen, Katrina Wright, Mark Sexton, Krissy Shannon

Linda Durette, LABBB Transportation Coordinator, also received an award from the Belmont SEPAC for her work with Special Education Transportation. Linda has taken a system that has caused much frustration and anger and turned this around and proved to the LABBB districts that this can be more efficient and cost-effective. This transportation project started with 25 students and has expanded every year.  The LABBB transportation project now transports close to 400 students. This has developed into another quality service that LABBB provides.

I want to say thank you to Katrina Wright, Melissa Allen, Stacey Graham, Shawna Iacoviello, Colleen Stevens, Linda Durette, Krissy Shannon and Mark Sexton for all your hard work and congratulate you your awards from the Belmont SEPAC!


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