Connecting Special Educators

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Special education leaders and special educators need to find a way to be a more active participant using the technology that is connecting people in education around the world.  For years I have been following chats and groups such as the  Connected Principals to listen in on how they are sharing resources.  These connections have sparked the interest of many schools systems going 1:1 and is changing how they do Professional Development.  They are learning, inspiring and challenging each other.

Social media has given us a way to easily connect educators around the world and there is no question that this has been catching on and will continue to spread. Special Education can not miss out on these opportunities to help each other get better in our practice.   For our field to be progressive we have to observe, learn, ask questions and see what others are doing. We know the actions to make this happen. We just need to share. When we share, others will share.

Sharing is easy if  you are willing to build a blog or use Twitter.  Educators are willing to share their very best educational practices and innovative ideas right to your finger tips.  Even if you don’t want to participate, the opportunity to just sit in and listen, read and take in the myriad educational practices that Teachers, Support related service providers, Principals and Superintendents are sharing will open your mind to a whole new perspective of education.

My vision is that more special educators and support related service providers will tap into social media for sharing their innovative practices in special education. How can you help make this happen? Participate in any way you can. Get connected on-line; find some interesting blogs and comment; build your own blog and share your thoughts; get on Twitter;  build a professional learning community; go to edcamps!


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