Changing Special Education #3: Twitter

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Yes, Twitter. I have been inspired and challenged because of passionate educators.

Special educators can inspire each other by sharing their innovative practices and resources via Twitter. Twitter is still new and there are many special educators who do not look at Twitter seriously as a way to learn and grow. Twitter can be a place where special educators can start to change special education by connecting.  Connecting with other passionate educators is inspirational and when passionate people get together they spark change. This has happened on Twitter with many people and one group called connected Principals has been a model for these connections.

Reading  and watching the myriad resources, articles, video and best practices that are shared by educators in general  on Twitter is what motivates me to want to connect special educators.  Twitter saves significant time because you don’t  have to look and investigate  articles on blogs, newsletters, journals etc.. educators on Twitter provide them for you and if you read something important that you learned, you can share it and do your part. Once you start using Twitter you will see professional development in a whole new way. You get the best of the best right at your fingertips.

Just look at other innovative, creative and inspirational leaders in education that are using Twitter and creating change in schools: Sir Ken Robinson, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Dan Pink, Will Richardson, Todd Whitaker, Marzano Research, and many, many other inspiring Teachers, Specialists, Principals, AT specialists, Superintendents, Professors and Researchers!


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