The 3rd Annual LABBB Best Buddies Craft Fair Brings the LABBB Community Together!

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Forget about going to the malls, trying to find parking, waiting in long lines and spending tons of money on items you see everyday. The 3rd Annual Best Buddies Craft Fair had everything to offer from jewelry, to organic soaps, clothing, paintings, wood carvings, hats and scarfs, candles, Uggs (Were they the real thing?!) and so many more creative arts that you do not need to go anywhere else to get your holiday shopping done, it can be accomplished all under one roof. I had to make sure I picked up some hot sauce again from the Chelsea Fire “wicked hot” sauce vendor. This sauce is very hot, but has a nice smokey, flavorful taste to it and you can put it on almost every type of food! It is one of my favorite hot sauces.  It is made with Habanero peppers so you want to be careful if you are a rookie!

The fair was held in the Lexington High School Gymnasium and Craft Fair organizer Janet Paz did such a great job in making this event run smoothly. There were so many crafter’s that they completely filled the gym as well as the main hall. This event brings LABBB staff and their families, parents, relatives, people from the LABBB community and crafters from all around Massachusetts and it is growing bigger and bigger each year. The Lexington Lion’s club was also there this year doing their annual coat drive.

The early snow on Saturday morning did not scare anyone from coming to the fair and kids as well as adults came to visit the vendors. It is also a social event and very interesting to talk with the vendors and learn how they created their unique crafts. Every year we see something new and different and everyone had something to offer that caught the eye of the visitors.

Enjoy some of the pictures from the 3rd annual Craft fair. Thank you to everyone who made this a big success!

Janet Paz, LABBB Work Activites Center, and creator and organizer of the LABBB Craft Fair for the past 3 years.
Karen Conway, LABBB Vocational Coordinator
Karen Conway, LABBB Vocational Coordinator, selling some homemade jams!
Dorthea and Theresa
Dorthea Pappas, LABBB Speech Therapist and Theresa Leblanc, LABBB Vocational Counselor
Paula Rizzo
Paula Rizzo, LABBB integration and Recreational Coordinator. She is also a member of the Lions Club!
LABBB Best Buddies Selling t-shirts
Annmarie Ormond, LABBB Secretary at LABBB Lexington High School, selling Crafts
Becky Niman, LABBB Teacher Selling LABBB crafts
Becky Niman, LABBB Teacher, Selling Crafts made at the LABBB Work Activities Center
Dianne Costello, LABBB High School Coordinator, selling crafts
The Doolittle’s working their table at the craft fair
Kathy Farley, LABBB Teacher, with LABBB Student
Josephine Williams, LABBB Assistant Teacher, always smiling and having a great time at the craft fair!

One thought on “The 3rd Annual LABBB Best Buddies Craft Fair Brings the LABBB Community Together!

    Jimmy Kelly said:
    January 12, 2013 at 8:52 am

    This was truly outstanding from beginning to end! Great holiday spirit!


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