Patrick’s PALS XVII Annual Fundraising Event for Fragile X

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Dear LABBB Community:

Please take the time to read these documents about a very important fundraising event for Fragile X. Patrick Vershbow is a student in our LABBB Arlington High Program and Patrick and his parents have been holding a basketball tournament for the past 17 years to raise awareness of Fragile X. Please do whatever you can to share this article on my blog so we can contribute to this event. Below are three documents that share a wonderful story about Patrick and his experience in LABBB and also gives you information on the history of this event.

Patrick’s PALs Website

Patrick Vershbow
Patrick Vershbow

In quoting Mr. Vershbow regarding this event:

“I wanted to mention to you that Patrick’s PALS 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament will be celebrating its’ 17th year on June 1st! Pamela and I are very proud of the event and what it has accomplished.  On a personal level, taking on most of the responsibility in recent years for getting the event ready- well, it simply means that I care deeply about doing everything I can on behalf of the cause!

Patrick Nolan Vershbow and Fragile X

Patrick PALs Flier

Past 12 Months


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