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Every so often I share a productivity tool or app that really makes a difference in my productivity and organization.  In recent years we have been working to become a paperless office. We are not there yet, but the tool that is helping us along the way is scanning. In fact, I have been using our scanner for almost every document that I share via e-mail, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote.  Since I had the capability to scan, it has cut down on time and helped me organize my paperwork much more efficiently.

imagesTo take it  a step further, a few weeks ago, I downloaded the free app, Genius scan, on my iphone.  I was curious and skeptical about this app, but I was wrong.  I was amazed at the quality of the image and how fast you can scan. When you take  a picture of the document,  the app enhances the quality and converts it into a PDF. You can scan singe or multiple pages, although, I would not recommend using it for scanning packets with more than 10 pages.  Then, right from your iphone or ipad, you can send it directly to Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, Box or e-mail it. For those of you who have iPhones or iPads looking to organize their work, I highly recommend Genius scan!


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