EdcampAccess 2013

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On Saturday, March 23, the first edcamp focusing on “struggling learners” took place at the LABBB central offices in Waltham. LABBB Collaborative partnered with EdcampAccess Coordinators Karen Janowski, Sean Sweeney and Elizabeth Lloyd to offer this event and it was a success!

EdcampAccess opened with a panel of students who were struggling learners and each of them spoke about their experiences in school and how they use technology to help them be more successful. It was amazing to hear the students speak so genuinely about their frustrations and successes and how they have experimented with the new apps and resources that are now available.  We all hear about the great apps and tools that are being developed, but these students actually spoke about the pro’s and con’s of specific apps. They also demonstrated the progress they made and gave real examples of their before and after work using these resources.

For those who have attended an edcamp, you are aware that the workshops are created by the participants. Immediately after the panel discussion, the participants filled the day with great workshops! The last hour of the day was devoted to the edcamp “Smackdown.” Participants have 2 minutes each to share their favorite, app, tool or resources.

Lastly, it was also intriguing to hear Winsten Chen, software developer, speak about how he created Voicedream.  He is very interested in learning from educators.  He spoke about all the feedback that he has been getting from educators and how he will continue to reach out so he make improvements to his app.

Karen Janowski speaking about EdcampAccess

Sean Sweeney giving a quick description of Edcamp


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