LABBB Team Presents to the Bedford Chamber of Commerce

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On Thursday, May 9, Donna Goodell, LABBB Program Director, Theresa LeBlanc, LABBB Vocational Counselor, and Laryssa Calhoun LABBB Parent, presented to the Bedford Chamber of Commerce.  The original services on which LABBB was founded back in 1972, were those designed to help high school students prepare for life after high school. Since that time, LABBB has expanded those services to include a vast array of community-based vocational training opportunities for students.

Over the past 40 years, LABBB has developed numerous long lasting relationships with local businesses where our students work while developing both general employment skills and specific job skills easily transferred to gainful employment. LABBB actively pursues new job placements and training opportunities for our students on an ongoing basis.

The Bedford Chamber of Commerce invited us to give an overview of our services at last week’s Board meeting. This was a great opportunity to network and share how LABBB partners with local businesses in mutually beneficial relationships. We want to thank the Bedford Chamber of Commerce for inviting us to speak.

Photo – L to R:  Adam Schwartz (1st VP), Pam Brown (Chairman of the Board), Roy Watson (Director), you guys, Josh Cohen (President), Christine Pinney
Photo – L to R: Adam Schwartz (1st VP), Roy Watson (Director), Pam Brown (Chairman of the Board) Donna Goodell (LABBB Program Director), Theresa LeBlanc (LABBB Vocational Counselor), Josh Cohen (President), Christine Pinney, Chuck Doran (Treasurer) Front: Laryssa Calhoun (LABBB Parent)

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