The 3rd Annual Lexington Battle-Green BBQ Festival

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Welcome to the third Lexington Battle-Green BBQ Festival!

The cost to enter for individuals aged 13 and up is $5.

A portion of all proceeds, including your $5 entry, will be donated to the LABBB Collaborative Schools for students with special needs.

Please visit for much more information about their comprehensive educational, vocational and recreational programs.

Proceeds from previous Lexington Battle-Green-BBQ Festivals were used to purchase technology for classrooms as well as the new lift installed at the Lexington Public Pool.

Once inside you will find a variety of BBQ Vendors, Dessert Vendors and Craft Brewers who are selling Food and Beer.

We have assembled a talented group of musicians playing live music all weekend.

Finally there is also a State Championship BBQ Cook-Off.  You may walk around and speak with the competitors about BBQ and grilling, check out their cookers and, on Sunday, watch them in action from noon to 1:30PM.  Awards are at 3:30PM.

Thank you for spending part of your weekend with us!


Meat@Slim’s Competitive Cooking Team

For information and details about this event please click here: Lexington Battle-Green BBQ Festival



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