Introducing Artist / Comic Writer Katy Bussell

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Guest Post by Carol Chaisson, M.Ed, LABBB classroom teacher

Katy Bussell is a polite, quiet and kind nineteen year old young woman from Dedham, MA. She is currently in her first year at the LABBB Collaborative Program at Lexington High School in the Chaisson/Niman classroom.

In the past Katy interned at her hometown newspaper the Dedham Transcript.  Katy was responsible for a weekly comic for the newspaper and in her spare time works on graphic novels.

Katy loves art and drawing. She is very good at making stories made out of comic strips from characters she has created. Katy started getting interested in drawing in middle school when she took art lessons. She started watching cartoons and reading stories to get her ideas, then started drawing expressions.

Katy’s advice to someone who is starting out drawing is to, “Imagine a character; think about how they will look; what their personality is and draw out the character; just use your imagination.”




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