Evolving Through Backwards Design in 2014!

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hangloose2The first day of 2014 begins in a few days. When we look back on the highlights of 2014 what will we be most proud of? What will we have done to help special education evolve? What innovative practices and services will LABBB be leading and facilitating? I look forward to speaking about those highlights.

Will we have some initiatives that fail? Will we make mistakes or attempt to implement something new that just didn’t work? I sure hope so! Will we hear the criticism of our mistakes or failures? What if we never attempt to try something new because we are afraid to fail, we fear the thought of what others will think of us? The alternative is to take those risks despite the outcome, it is worth it, it is exhilarating.

What if you looked back at 2014 and realized, “Everything just stayed the same, not much happened, I didn’t take any risks, participate in new initiatives, but I managed my way through the year.” Will this inspire you?

We have the opportunity, the freedom to create, to evolve, to build better lives for our students, this is inspiration! Take advantage of it here and now.

Think about backwards design (UBD). Think about the outcome you want and what it will look like in a year. Now, paint that picture, write that blog article or a personal note to yourself, share it with your team and make it colorful and bright and keep it close to you everyday.


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