LABBB Partnering with EdCampAccess 2014

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In 2014, LABBB will again be partnering with Karen Janowski and her edcamp team for EdcampAccess!

Last year, EdcampAccess was a big success.  It was the first edcamp devoted to K -12 special education issues and ideas with a focus on reaching all struggling learners. The event started with a panel of students talking about how they use technology to help them in school and they demonstrated the specific tools and apps they are using. They explained how they struggled in school and what apps worked and what apps didn’t work. They also displayed the  school work they were struggling with in the past and the work they are doing now with the help of assistive technology. Listening to the students talk about their experiences was a great start to the event.

For those of you who are not familiar with edcamps please see the information below:

What is an EdCamp? Watch the video below to get a better understanding: Edcamp

EdCampAccess, in the tradition of EdCamps that have taken place around the world, is a “collaborative conference,” where the conference attendees help to build and create the experience. As is the format for unconferences, we have not actually scheduled any sessions yet, and we’re going to do so together as a group at the start of the day–based on brainstorming of sessions that attendees have indicated they are willing to facilitate or would like to attend to further their professional learning. It is not limited to special educators.

Where: Marshall Simonds Middle School, 114 Winn Street, Burlington MA. 01803
When: 9 – 4, March 22, 2014
Cost: FREE


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