Happy LABBB Bloggers Day: February 7, 2014!

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Happy LABBB Bloggers Day

Dear LABBB Community:

Below you will see the “LABBB Blog Roll” please visit our Blogs Friday, February 7!

What can you do on LABBB Bloggers Day?
1. Post a comment on as many blogs as you can.
2. Subscribe to a colleagues blog.
3. Rejuvenate your Blog!
4. Start a Blog.
5. Tweet your colleagues Blog Posts.
What is the purpose of LABBB Bloggers Day?
1. To connect with the LABBB community.
2. To show what we are doing in LABBB.
3. For Parents to see our blogs.
4. To learn what others are doing in their classrooms and worksites.
5. To share your best curriculum and lessons.
6. To show businesses the important work LABBB can do for an organization.
7. To have fun!
8. To participate and connect in the Web 2.0 community by sharing resources!

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