Are you a teen or young adult with a developmental disability? Do things in your environment sometimes make it hard for you to do activities? Take charge – Get a “Game Plan” to deal with environmental barriers.

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Dear Teens, Young Adults and Parents:

Teens and young adults with developmental disabilities want and need to do lots of activities.Sometimes things in the environment make it hard to do those activities. People, places, information, and rules are some examples of parts of your “environment.” Teens and young adults with disabilities have a right to ask for changes in their environments. This study is looking for teens and young adults ages 14- 21 with developmental disabilities such as cerebral palsy, autism, or intellectual disability to participate in a training called “Project TEAM”. Project TEAM (Teens making Environment and Activity Modifications) teaches teens and young adults how to change social and physical barriers in the environment. As part of this study, trainees will meet as a group to complete 8 training modules and 1-2 community trips to practice their new skills. This training will be taught by adults with and without disabilities. The training also includes mentorship from other young adults with disabilities. Training activities will be accessible, and are designed to be fun and enjoyable.

Trainees will receive a $50.00 and $15.00 gift certificate after completing all study activities (training and assessments). Training materials and activities are provided at no cost. If you (your teen) are interested, contact Jessica Kramer. She is in charge of this study at Boston University. She can answer questions and help you decide if you (your teen) want to become a trainee. You can reach her at, 617- 353-7522, or 617-353- 2702.

Contact her today to be part of this study and take charge of your environment.

Sessions are held  at the Charles River Center in Needham. Sessions will be held Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00pm beginning in March!

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