Reflections of EdcampAccess 2014

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Saturday March 22, 2014

We can’t imagine or feel the emotions and impact on a students attitude towards school until we actually sit back and hear their personal stories. This is how edcampAccess started the day.  Five struggling learners were part of a panel and they articulated their feelings about school and how they use technology to help them adapt in their learning environment. This was not an easy path for them. When you hear a student say, “It was so painful for me to go to school everyday, I just didn’t want to attend,” how can you not empathize with not only their struggles trying to keep up, but also their frustrations with how their peers and teachers viewed them in school. These are students who have persevered and they have a special quality that they shared with the audience at #edcamp, but there are many more struggling learners out there!

The panel session ended with a powerful message by an edcamp participant. This participant bravely stood up at the end of the session and spoke to the students directly and emphatically told them how they are the pioneers who are paving the way for our future students and it is up to us as educators to learn what they need! This message set the tone for the day!

Thank you for everyone who attended. I want to send a special thank you to Karen Janowski who has such a passion for learning and sharing. I also want to thank Mike Marotta who drove up from New Jersey with his daughter to attend. His daughter also sat on with the panel of students.  Mike is now running edcampAccess in N.J., we look forward to collaborating with you.

Students sharing their learning experiences and how technology has helped them as a struggling learner
Winston Chen
Winston Chen, developer of the Voicedream App attending a session at Edcampaccess
student 1
Student sharing his experiences at school
2 students
Two struggling learners facilitating a session at edcampaccess

One thought on “Reflections of EdcampAccess 2014

    karenjanowski said:
    March 24, 2014 at 2:25 am


    It was an incredible day, starting with the stories shared by the student panel, very personal stories of their own struggles and things they wished there teachers knew. I think this is one thing that sets #edcampaccess apart from other #edcamps. We value student voice and open #edcampaccess with a whole group session for all to hear. The rest of the day was just as exciting, with great collaboration and conversations.
    Fantastic day. Thanks for all your help in pulling it off.

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