2014 LABBB High School Graduation Video

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Dear LABBB Community:

I am sharing a short video clip of the 2014 LABBB High School Graduation and LABBB’s 40th Anniversary celebration. Hopefully, we can get more video of the ceremony to share because it was an electrifying evening!

The LABBB High School Graduation was held at the Museum of National Heritage in Lexington and it was catered by one of our LABBB worksites, Currier and Chives. Parents and Graduates arrived at 5:30 to enjoy dinner appetizers and Theresa LeBlanc took pictures of the LABBB Graduates.

The ceremony started promptly at 6:30 pm (Yes, Paula Rizzo made this happen!) and it was standing room only! The opening of the ceremony started with the parents entering the auditorium to a video presentation and then the Diamond Fife and Drum Corp marched in (This sent chills up my spine). Finally, the long line of LABBB graduates entered to Pomp and Circumstance. We had 50 Graduates this year. Our largest graduation in LABBB history.

Every part of the ceremony was emotional; from the keynote speakers, to the LABBB students speakers, and the graduates coming on stage to receive their certificates and diploma’s.

Words are hard to describe what happen this evening; but this video will give you a sense of the spirit of the LABBB Community. This clip was the last part of the ceremony.


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