Bedford High School Best Buddies Win #1 Chapter in the Nation!

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This past April, Ben Driscoll, President of Bedford High School Best Buddies, and his chapter from Bedford High School, won the #1 Best Buddies chapter in Massachusetts.  On May 30, LABBB students joined in the celebration at Bedford High School and Lauren Potter, star of the TV show Glee, and Antony Shriver, came to Bedford High School to  recognize the BHS Chapter. See wicked local on-line article here.

During this celebration, Anthony Shriver spoke to the BHS Best Buddies and the LABBB students about  this achievement and the mission of Best Buddies.  He also stated that Bedford High School Best Buddies chapter will now be considered for the #1 chapter in the nation.  Mr. Shriver told the story about Ben, upon hearing this news, had to  wake up at 3:00am to make a video to submit the next day for BHS to be considered for this prestigious honor. Click here to see Part I of the Video Application. 

The Bedford High Best Buddies is now recognized as the #1 chapter in the Nation! On behalf of the LABBB Collaborative, I want to say congratulations to  all the Bedford High School Best Buddies; it is an honor to be part of this chapter.

Arianna Dines, Bedford High School Vice President, Anthony Shriver, Ben Driscoll, Bedford High Best Buddies President
Arianna Dines, Vice President, Bedford HIgh School Best Buddies; Anthony Shriver, Founder of Best Buddies and Ben Driscoll, President, Bedford High School Best Buddies receiving the National Chapter of the Year Honors








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