Memorial Elementary School Presents “INCLUDE”

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Over the past few months, Sam Beers, LABBB teacher, has been working with two 5th grade students and their teacher to develop a small skit discussing respect, inclusion and understanding differences. The skit they created is called “INCLUDE.”

On March 27th, Sam’s students, and the 7 students from the 5th grade, presented a show demonstrating how they having been working together.

They also created a poster with 2 pieces of a puzzle representing their connection and all the students signed it. They have a vision and that is to create “One-Community” for the LABBB students and the students from Memorial Elementary school.

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One thought on “Memorial Elementary School Presents “INCLUDE”

    prizzo2013 said:
    March 30, 2015 at 12:18 am

    Let me work on it a bit. It has to be on a word document & attached. I am going to add some to it to give some more specifics. It looks good we can just build on it more. Thanks, Paula

    Sent from Paula


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