LABBB Chenery Middle School Win’s International Best Buddies Chapter of the Year

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Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 7.40.48 AMKen Francis, Best Buddies Regional Representative, informed us this weekend that our Chenery Middle School Best Buddies Chapter won the International Chapter of the year for 2015-2016! We are very excited to share this news with the LABBB Community.
In April of 2014, our Bedford High School Best Buddies Chapter won the national chapter of the year. This chapter was led by President of the Bedford High School Best Buddies, Ben Driscoll. This was quite an honor and the community in Bedford celebrated. Anthony Shriver, founder of Best Buddies, came to Bedford High School to recognize this chapter and speak on behalf of the Best Buddies Organization. Lauren Potter, from Glee, also attended to acknowledge the chapter participants. Ben Driscoll continues to stay in touch with the LABBB Community. He attended our 2016 High School Graduation Ceremony.
Our Chenery Middle School Chapter was our first LABBB Best Buddies Chapter. This chapter started back in the early 2000’s and was formed by a relationship between a LABBB integration specialist and a Chenery Middle School Art Teacher. This chapter was recognized as the first middle school chapter that was formed in Massachusetts.
When we speak of community, these connections build an awareness of our students, increase integration within our schools, and give our students more opportunities. I want to thank Sarah Bennett for her leadership with the Chenery Best Buddies. The Chenery Middle school Best Buddies are connected to the LABBB community in many ways. A group of Chenery students set up a booth at our Craft Fair each year; they have attended and participated in our Middle School graduation for the past 15 years and they are always present at our Special Olympics.

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