Jennifer Kotler, Me and ADHD Podcast

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Jennifer Kotler, Harvard University PH.D candidate, joined us on this podcast to tell her story about growing up with ADHD, and life as an adult with ADHD. Jenna talks very candidly about her struggles, how this impacted her family, and what you need to know about a child with ADHD. Jenna also shares the positive aspects of having ADHD and how this has helped her get to where she is. We were excited to do this podcast with Jenna and you will enjoy how she brings humor to her life and the future of how she will be coping with ADHD. This episode is a very refreshing dialogue about a person who wants to share her story, with a mission of helping others. Lastly, Jenna shared her insight on being a female with ADHD and ways in which that might be different from the typical young, white, male experience. Jenna, is very open to answering any of your questions, you can contact her via email at:

To listen to this episode click here: Jenna, Me and ADHD

From L to R: Patric Barbieri, Jenna Kotler, Trish Costa

One thought on “Jennifer Kotler, Me and ADHD Podcast

    Erin MacArthur said:
    April 3, 2017 at 2:46 am

    I would love to be on the podcast to talk aboutmy journey in the Labbb community and what it was like to make the portal movie with my friends and former classmates plus what it’s been life like at JF&CS community now see u at graduation ceremony:-)

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