New Podcast Episode: Omar’s World of Comic’s & Hobbies

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In this episode we are joined by ‘Omar’s World of Comics & Hobbies’ Manager Sally Hoops. Omar Masood has been a student in LABBB since middle school and he is graduating this April from the LABBB Lexington High Program. Omar’s parents had a vision of creating a business for him when he graduates to keep him connected to the LABBB community. Omar has always had an interest in comics since he was a young boy and this sparked an idea! This vision is now a reality. Omar’s World of Comics & Hobbies will be opening in Lexington Center on 30 Waltham Street in the next month. LABBB will be partnering with the Masoods and Sally Hoops to run this business. The store is a short walk from the Lexington High School program and many LABBB students will be involved in the day to day responsibilities of running the store. Kristin Dailey, LABBB Transition Department Supervisor, who has been working with Sally also joins us for this episode. This is an exciting opportunity and we are looking forward to making this a huge success!

To listen to the podcast click here: Omar’s World of Comic’s & Hobbies Podcast


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