Omar’s World of Comics & Hobbies Opens on Monday, January 15, 2018!

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Sally Hoops, Manager of Omar’s World, presents to the Lexington Historical Commission

This is the first time that LABBB has been part of an initiative like this and I am fairly confident in saying that this is the first time Lexington has had a store, located in the center of town, where the owner and president (Omar Masood) has Down Syndrome.

LABBB has developed many strong partnerships of the past few years. We are working with TILL on many projects, including the Woodland House. We have developed a relationship with Amplifi to build a music program in LABBB and help bring our core value to our students. Now we are partnering with a LABBB family (The Masoods) to open a store in Lexington Center.

We are a better program when we build relationships. This enhances our mission. It adds value to LABBB. Relationships begin because you share a philosophy, but it ultimately works because the people click. With all three partnerships we just clicked with the people and this is why they are successful.

Last evening, we attended a Lexington Historical Commission meeting. Omar’s store was not able to put up a sign unless it was brought to the historical commission for a vote to approve it. A representative from Lexington’s economic department got up to speak to the historical commission in support of this sign.

Celebrating the Approval of the sign for Omar’s World of Comics & Hobbies

Sally Hoops, the manager of Omar’s world, got up to speak and she did an amazing job explaining the purpose of the store, the partnership with LABBB, and the reason for choosing the colors of the sign which represent down syndrome awareness. These same colors also happen to be the colors of Lexington High School.

Sally Hoops is one of those people we click with.  The Masood’s couldn’t have chosen a better person to be the manager of this store and also work with LABBB. We are true partners.

Please pass on the word about Omar’s store, and stop by at any time (30 Waltham Street, Lexington) and ask for Sally Hoops. Tell her you are from LABBB, she is excited to meet more people from our Tribe.


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