New Podcast, Episode #10: Mobility Transfer Systems Inc.

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Click here or on the image to listen to Episode #10: Mobility Transfer Systems Inc. 

In this episode we talk with Mobility Transfer Systems Inc. owner Thomas Leoutsakos, his wife Dina Leoutsakos, and Stephani DiDonato-Azar. Listen to this amazing story and the opportunity this company gives to our students in LABBB. We feel fortunate to be partnering with such a compassionate and forward thinking organization. Mobility Transfer Systems Inc. is the predominant leader in bringing you unique medical products to improve the quality of life for people who are physically challenged and elderly. We are the manufacturers of The Transfer Handle ™ which is the Safest and Easiest way to get in and out of bed. We also produce an entire line of bed mobility products as well as the SafetySure ™ line of products. MTS is a close knit company that prides itself on providing first class customer service to all of our clients. We supply products to individuals, businesses, doctors and hospitals throughout the United States. Our team is bright, talented, passionate and always willing to help you with whatever you may need. Our website features hundreds of enabling devices that makes life easier to all those who require them. So… Give yourself a grip on INDEPENDENCE today!


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