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June Newsletter

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NEW Podcast Episode: Siblings

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In this episode, Patric and Trish interview two LABBB staff persons: Caroline Brown, Teacher, and Marina Simons, Speech Pathologist. Both Caroline and Marina have a brother with special needs. We discuss growing with a sibling with special needs; how we first became aware that we had a sibling who has special needs; what impact did it have on our families; what are our biggest fears; how does a sibling advocate for themselves and many other topics. This was an informative discussion as we shared many stories and we reflected on our experiences. Each family experience is unique and you will listen to three different perspectives which have many similarities and differences. For families raising a child with special needs, and who also have other typically developing children, this is a must listen.

Click here to listen to Episode #6: Siblings



Tour the World With Our LABBB Chenery Middle School Students

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On Tuesday, May 23, students from Mrs. Tomkiewicz’s classroom presented their projects they just completed. Each student built their own display and when people came to their table they gave a short presentation on the country they researched. We got to build our own passports and we received a flag from each country.

They did an amazing job as the Chenery Middle School Community had an opportunity to Tour The World!

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