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LABBB BIP Wellington Duck Tour

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A Ducky Day on the Duck Tour

By Michelle Collins

BIP– LABBB Arlington had its annual trip into the Science Museum for the Famous Duck Tour. The elementary classrooms as well as two students from the middle school went on Monday June 8th and had a blast!

The classrooms rode through Boston listening to our tour guide “RED”. Our Duck boat was green and boy oh boy did we quack! Quack, quack, quack!!

After touring Boston we went into the water.  All of the children that wanted to drive the boat got a turn. Once “RED” showed the children where the horn was, that was it! I think the children had more fun with the horn than the driving!!


LABBB Chenery Middle School Graduation

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The LABBB Chenery Middle School Graduation was held on June 10th 2009.  The graduation was attended by LABBB staff, Chenery Middle School staff, and the Best Buddies from Chenery.   The keynote speaker was a student from Belmont High School where LABBB also has a program.  Her talk was very impressive as she spoke about her interaction and involvement with the LABBB students and how she struggled with her own learning disability.

The Best Buddies program at Chenery Middle School  is always a highlight of the graduation ceremonies.  All the Chenery best buddies attended the graduation and their support of the LABBB students is tremendous.   We want to thank all of the best buddies for their work with the LABBB Collaborative Program.

Anthony Fulciniti and Teacher Lisa Etsell at the LABBB Chenery Graduation

Mrs. Dickson and Mrs. Chaisson’s class trip to Boston

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Written by: Ross, Lindsey, Jake, Tony, Cole, John, Katrina, Katie, Erika, Franklin, and Charlie of Mrs. Dickson and Mrs. Chaisson’s class

Our Trip to Boston

Our class went into Boston on Tuesday, May 19, 2009.   We took the bus to the subway station and put money on our Charlie Cards.  We rode the red line into Downtown Crossing and walked to the Prudential building.  It was a very long walk.  Some of us even complained a little about our feet hurting.

At the  Prudential building we ate lunch in the Food Court.  The food was delicious.  Then we went to the Skywalk on the 50th floor. We saw beautiful scenery around us.  The class saw the airport, Fenway Park, Boston Hatch Shell, tall buildings, subway trains on the street, the Public Garden, and the Boston Common.  Everything was so small, they looked like toys.

On our way back to school we had to switch trains. We went from the green line to the red line and took the bus back to school.  We had a great time in Boston.  It was the best field trip we have ever been on.

Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis and Teaching Verbal Behavior in the classroom

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June 22 – 23, 2009       8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

In this introductory level workshop, the presenter will illustrate the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The workshop will  have an emphasis on the teaching of verbal behavior as it is applied effectively in classroom settings to teach language and other essential skills to children with developmental disabilities. Through extensive use of video participants will be introduced to scientifically based principles, procedures and instructional recommendations that help teachers to:

  • Build rapport with students
  • Promote peer interaction
  • Select developmentally appropriate IEP goals for each student
  • Teach functional communication skills to vocal and non-vocal students
  • Transition students from natural environment teaching (NET) to structured teaching (ITT)
  • Teach academic skills (reading, math, etc.) using research-based curricula
  • Manage problem behaviors by utilizing research-based teaching procedures and through the application of basic behavior principles

Presenter: Tom Cafferty, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and co-author of The Verbal Behavior Approach to Teaching Children with Autism.

Audience: Teachers, SLP’s and assistants who work with students on the autism spectrum or students with developmental disabilities.  Parents of these students are welcome to attend as well.

Location: Arlington High School Auditorium

Fee: $100 CASE, EDCO, and LABBB members / $125 non-members

Registration: District and Collaborative employees may register through the

Office of Curriculum and Instruction or the Program Manager in your collaborative.  Parents may register by calling EDCO at

(781) 259-3445.

Register by:  May 22, 2009. Registrations received beyond that date will be accepted based upon space availability.

LABBB Special Olympics 2009

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On Wednesday, May 20th, LABBB held it’s fifth annual Special Olympics event in Lexington.  This was a great day; the weather was sunny in the mid-80’s, perfect for all of the participants, volunteers, parents and community to enjoy.   We had 158 LABBB student’s who participated in the Olympics, competing in Track and field events such as the 100 meter dash, softball throw, long jump, among many others.

The opening ceremonies was led by the Lexington Police motorcycle and the military guards, followed by a parade of LABBB students grouped by their classrooms.  As the participants passed the stands, packed full of spectators ,they were greeted by a loud applause as Natalie Cohen, Lexington High School Principal, announced each of the student classrooms.

Natalie Cohen, Lexington High School Principal, was the Master of Ceremonies.  She was a eloquent speaker who addressed the crowd with enthusiasm and passion.  Not only has the special olympics gained the attention of the Lexington High School staff, students, but also the Lexington community.  The games began as a Lexington Police officer and a LABBB student jogged with the olympic torch.  With both the officer and LABBB student holding the olympic torch they lit the cauldron and a roar of applause came from all the spectators and participants.

The LABBB Collaborative has programs from early childhood through high school with classrooms located in Lexington, Arlington, Burlington, Bedford and Belmont.  The Special Olympics had 200 volunteers from Lexington and Bedford High School assisting all the LABBB students.  These high school students worked with student’s who have multihandicapps, Autism, development delays, and other disabilities.  Without their commitment we could not have run an event with this many students.  We want to say thank you to every volunteer for their help!

We also need to say a special thank you to Paula Rizzo, LABBB Recreational and inclusion specialist, who did an outstanding job organizing this event.




Special Olympics 002

Special Olympics 003

Special Olympics 004
Paula Rizzo in action!!!

Brain Frames Workshop

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On Friday, May 14, LABBB Collaborative hosted a Brain Frame Workshop with Dr. Bonnie Singer.  Dr. Singer is the President/CEO of Architects for Learning.  She is also the co-developer of the EmPOWER method for writing.   The LABBB staff were fortunate to have such a high level of expertise teaching these skills in a small group seminar.  The workshop was very informative and two more follow up workshops for Brain Frames will be held in the Fall for LABBB staff.


Brain Frames are a collection of six visual-spatial displays of language and thought.  They represent (graphically) fundamental patterns that underlie, listening, speaking, reading, writing, thinking and problem solving.  Literally, they allow Teachers and Students to “Frame” what is in their minds within a visual pattern.  This allows them to store their ideas on paper so they can decide what they want to convey.   Student choice of Brain Frame is dictated by what they are setting out to do:  tell about something, compare and/or contrast two ideas, convey a sequence of events, show relationships and connections, consider causes and/or effects of an event, or categorize information.  Each of these “purposes” has a unique organizing framework that can be displayed graphically.

Bonnie Singer 003
Dr. Bonnie Singer

Bonnie Singer 001
LABBB staff at Brain Frame Workshop

Bonnie Singer 004
Staff observing "Brain Frames" completed by participants

New! LABBB Recreational Activities Blog

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We want to welcome you the LABBB Recreational Blog  hosted by Paul Rizzo.  This Blog will give parents information about all the recreational activities and social events that are run by the LABBB Collaborative Program including: after school programs, evening activities, Dances, Special Olympics, away trips and all the other events that Paula organizes during the year.  The recreational program has been a very popular feature of the LABBB Collaborative Program for many years and we feel that this blog will  be a great informational site for students and parents.  Parents will also be able to download flyers and registration forms for all the activities.

We hope that this is a feature that helps communication and makes it more convenient for everyone who participates in the LABBB recreational program.

To view Paula’s recreational Blog go to the LABBB website, and you will see “LABBB Recreational Activities Blog” on the home page.