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LABBB Career Directions Parent night exhibit

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On Wednesday, October 21, the LABBB Vocational Program held its annual Parent Open Night which includes all LABBB Programs at the Lexington High School and Minuteman Technical High School and the LABBB worksites.  One of the exhibits was our Career Directions Program which is located at Minutemen Career and Technical High School in Lexington.  One of the Highlights of the Career Directions exhibit was the Civil War presentation by Brenda Wells, Classroom Assistant Teacher.

Minuteman 2
Parent Night Open House: Career Directions Civil War exhibit
minuteman 1
More Career Directions Civil War exhibit
Minuteman staff pic 2
Career Direction Staff: Pictured from L to R: Brian Walsh, Classroom Teacher; Brenda Wells, Classroom Teacher Assistant; Dianne Costello Program Site Coordinator; Steve Thompson, Vocational Teacher, Ken Moeller, Vocational Teacher Assistant
Minuteman display
Career Directions Civil War exhibit

LABBB John Glenn Middle School Welcome Back

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John Glenn PP

Please Click on Link for our John Glenn Middle School welcome back Presentation.

John Glenn PowerPoint Presentation

LABBB Behavioral Intervention Program (BIP)

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On Friday, October 23rd, the LABBB Behavioral Intervention Program (BIP) held its first professional day workshop. One of the speakers for the workshop was LABBB Behavior Consultant Lisa Gurdin, who is also a Professor at Northeastern University.  The Workshop was on Foundations of Behavior Analysis.

LABBB’s Behavioral Intervention Programs are located at Arlington High School, Ottoson Middle School in Arlington and the Wellington Elementary School in Belmont.  The BIP programs work primarily with students on the Autism Spectrum.

Please click on the link below to listen to a short clip of Lisa’s workshop for our BIP Staff .

Click here to view Lisa Gurdin’s PowerPoint Presentation

Brain Frames

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Bonnie Singer was back for our Brain Frames training this year. The focus was on using Brain Frames for Reading comprehension.  This is the first Professional day for staff from our Lexington, Bedford, Belmont and Career Directions High School programs, and our Chenery and John Glenn middle school programs.

Video 31 0 00 18-21

Below are some examples of Brain Frames that were done by LABBB staff

Video 32 0 00 23-12

Bonnie Singer

Video 32 0 00 02-08

Video 34 0 00 03-16

Francis Wyman Elementary School Playground Grand Opening

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On September 18th, Francis Wyman Elementary School in Burlington had its grand opening ceremony for their new state of the art playground.  This has been in the works for the past three years, organized by Mary Sweeney, Susan Astone, Francis Wyman Principal, and people in the Burlington community

LABBB Collaborative has 3 Classrooms in the Francis Wyman Elementary Program, our 2 multi-handicapped classrooms (IDEAL) and our Developmental-K classroom.   Classroom Teacher, Maria Cormier, was a big part of working with the architects of the playground to make it accessible to all LABBB students.

The Francis Wyman playground committee dedicated a Maze for Marisol O’Brien, a LABBB student who passed away last December.  Marisol was a student from Lexington who attended the LABBB IDEAL Program at Francis Wyman Elementary school.

Below is a video of Mr. O’Brien who spoke at the ceremony.  This was a very emotional speech which I wanted to share with you.  Please listen I think you will find it very moving. The Audio is a little hard to hear at some points in the video but most of it is clear.

Susan Astone, Francis Wyman Principal, introduces Mr. O’Brien.

Video 27 0 00 03-02

2009-2010 LABBB Collaborative School Year

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Please click on the video below.

2009 LABBB High School Graduation

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On June  18 , 2009 LABBB helds its high school graduation ceremonies.   The LABBB Graduation is an evening “Dinner Dance” where students, families, friends, and LABBB staff enjoy the graduation ceremonies, a formal dinner and then celebrate with dancing.

The LABBB graduation Dinner dance is one of  highlights of the LABBB events  during the year.   LABBB had 27 High School graduates this year.   The ceremonies began with speeches from three LABBB graduates and a keynote speech by Joseph O’Connor who has been working for the collaborative for 31 years.

graduation everyone
LABBB Class of 2009


grad 22

nick grad