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LABBB Student Performs at the New England Youth Wind Ensemble Concert

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On Wednesday Evening, May 3rd, LABBB Student Billy Nigzus performed in the UMass Lowell Senior New England Youth Wind Ensemble Concert. He has been going to UMass Lowell for 3 hours every Monday evening.   LABBB has a core value to implement more Music, Art and Theater into our students lives. We are excited to see our students perform live. Below is also a video of Billy performing.

May Newsletter

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Click on the image below to view our May Newsletter.

2017 Special Olympics Video

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Thank you to Scott Procko for making this video. He took the pictures from Theresa LeBlanc’s photo album and put it into a video with music.

2017 LABBB-Best Buddies Special Olympics Photos

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Please click on the image below to view the photos from todays special olympics. It was a great day! #LABBBtribe


LABBB-Best Buddies Special Olympics Wednesday, May 3rd

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Come join us at the Lexington High School Track and field on Worthen rd. Opening ceremonies begin at 9:00am.

Podcast Episode 5: Jenna’s ADHD Strategies

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After we concluded our podcast with Jenna Kotler, Trish and I continued our discussion with her about ADHD. Jenna was sharing some strategies that her family was using with her and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have her share these strategies on our podcast. We turned the recorder back on and asked Jenna to talk about what she shared with us after the show. Please listen to these strategies that were an important part of helping Jenna cope with ADHD as a child and an adult.

Click here to Listen: Jenna’s ADHD Strategies