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LABBB Classroom Delivers Plants to the Lexington Community Center

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Kathy Farley and her student’s bring plants to the Lexington Community Center. The students have been working on their horticultural skills in the classroom and they are showing that they are an active part of the community.

The Lexington Community Center has been a great partner with LABBB as they have been very generous in giving us space for LABBB Dances, Yoga, and Professional Development.

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LABBB Work Connections at Minuteman High School

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img_2623Vocational staff person Christine Newton recently assumed the leadership role at our Minuteman High School Copy Center site. In short order, she had students completing their first big copying job with our department – a spiral bound ‘Informal Assessments for Transition Planning manual.

Kudos to Christine for bringing a ‘can do’ attitude to this site. She is making connections with staff and is ready to add on some recycling duties to the campus!

Keep her in mind if you have any copying needs. She will ‘get it done’ with the students she serves with such care.

LABBB Graduate Stays in Touch with the LABBB Community

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This past weekend I ran into LABBB graduate Marc  Strathmeyer. He was visiting former LABBB graduates at a TILL holiday party. He said that he still stays in touch with many people from the LABBB Community.

He wanted me to let everyone know that he is doing great. Marc has a full time job (40 hours a week) at the Museum of Science and  he lives on his own in Cambridge. He also wanted me to tell everyone that if you are ever at the Museum of Science, please stop by and say hello to him.


LABBB-Best Buddies Craft Fair 2016

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The Final Cut! LABBB Burlington High School Students Host “A Brio Breakfast”

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LABBB Burlington High School students hosted a breakfast for Sahar Ahmed, Executive Director of Brio, and Margo Attaya after the movie Premiere of “The Portal.” This movie was produced and directed by Brio Integrated Theater and LABBB Burlington High School students.

The students  presented Sahar and Margo with a plaque, thanking them for all their hard work in the  making of  The Portal. Stay tuned,  you will hear more about the production of The Portal as they are almost finished with the final cut.

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