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LABBB 2018-2019 Recreation Brochure

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Hot off the presses! Click on this link or on the image below to view your 2018-2019 Recreation Brochure!  

We are bringing as many social-recreational opportunities as possible to our students!


In The Public

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Stephen Covey said, “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” We believe in our mission for LABBB, and we are putting this into practice each and every day. A very important part of our mission is to have our students be included in the most inclusive settings possible.
We achieve this by having all our programs located in public schools, including programs at Minuteman Tech and at Middlesex Community College, which are simply extensions of our most inclusive settings. We also have many work sites where our students are integrated into the organization, working alongside other employees (Listen to LABBB podcast #10). We engage in our community, we make the most of the opportunity be part of our public school communities and the businesses with which we partner.
We are teaching our students how to navigate in the real world and how to solve problems, and we believe that the best way to do this is to be as inclusive as possible. We welcome the problems that arise, as there isn’t a better training ground to do this. Our students will be part of this world when they graduate, when they are working on their own, living on their own and experiencing leisure activities in their community. This is our practice ground.
The benefits go beyond what we ever imagined. The relationships we are building with Best Buddies, PALS, teachers, administrators, the bank clerk, a bus driver, a custodian, a secretary, community businesses, and most of all, the student body within our buildings, is paramount to experiencing an inclusive world.
The challenges that we face and the problems we solve are real. To be immersed in these settings demonstrates what our students CAN do. How else are we going to show everyone in the community the value our students can bring?
From a student’s perspective, we want them to know, this is “our” world. We are part of the public. We belong. We fit in. We are one.
I often think of how many people are touching our students’ lives in our public schools. How many of these people may give our students jobs in the future because they connected with our students in school, and they had an experience they want to share. Just think about how many Best Buddies and PALS there will be in the world that worked with our students. This brings opportunities for the future.
Within our public schools, there are many more differences than similarities. We are contributing to this. Our mission is to be as inclusive as possible.

LABBB August Newsletter

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Click on the image below to view the LABBB August Newsletter

Perfect Sunny weather for WEDNESDAY’s 7-18-18 Travel Training Group ~ 8 students covering 4 cities ~ Bedford, Cambridge, Somerville and Lexington by bus, train, foot and a van — LABBB Bedford High School

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WHO: Wednesday’s Bedford LABBB Travel Training group WHEN-Day/Time: • Wednesday, July 18, 2018 • 8:50am-2:50pm HOW: Bus Train Foot Van WHERE/DEPARTURE: 8:50 Leave BHS to Bedford bus stop 9:05 RT 62 Bus @ Great Rd. / South St. to Alewife 10:03 Alewife to Porter Square WHERE/DESTINATION: 10:15 Arrive in Porter Square 10:20 Walk To Panera Bread in […]

via Perfect Sunny weather for WEDNESDAY’s 7-18-18 Travel Training Group ~ 8 students covering 4 cities ~ Bedford, Cambridge, Somerville and Lexington by bus, train, foot and a van — LABBB Bedford High School

Belmont Transitions visits Kimstead Farms!

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We have an “in” with Kimstead Farms as Theresa Leblanc, LABBB Vocational Counselor, is an owner of the farm. Our Belmont Transitions program had a private tour and lunch at Kimstead!

LABBB Basketball Team Photo’s from the Tournament Finals

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Click on the link below to view photo’s from the LABBB Basketball team at the tournament finals.

LABBB Basketball Photo’s click here